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Compelling Evidence: Virtual Reality Simulation Training really matters!

Virtual reality simulation training (VRST) in laparoscopic surgery is transformative for surgical education. Not convinced? Then check out the publication by Moritz Sparn et al. for compelling evidence. 

Surgical trainee at VRSimulator
Trainee in action at VRSimulator. Photo by Brigitte Rohner

By providing a risk-free environment for trainees to practice, VRST in laparoscopic surgery enhances their technical skills and confidence before they operate on real patients. This method accelerates the learning curve, reduces the likelihood of errors, and ultimately improves patient outcomes. The immersive nature of VRSimulations allows for realistic practice f complex procedures, train complications, and hence making it an invaluable tool in modern surgical training. 

The economical effect of specialists who are relieved of their supervisory duties through the use of VRST? It can lead to increased productivity, cost savings, and optimized use of specialist time.  


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