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Paradigm shift in surgical training: The first reality check

Friday, September 22, 2023, in the lecture hall of the Cantonal Hospital of St.Gallen, 30 experts from surgery, engineers of surgical simulators, peers of computer, electrical, virtual, augmented and mixed reality software engineering meet. They come from all over Switzerland.

After 15 months of work, the first reality check of our Innosuisse Flagship project PROFICIENCY: A completely new learning approach to surgical training has been introduced with its basic features, linked to the approach of the new modular curriculum (training plan) for surgical trainees. Together with the training simulators, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies, algorithms, and networks, which are being developed at the same time, we have taken up the hot track towards competence-based learning and proficiency-base progression. Follow the posts that will be published in the next few weeks.

It was a great day, also for me, the moderator of this day! There were intensive in-depth discussions and additional ideas how to optimize the planned results, the added value for the stakeholders or the training and teaching materials with next-generation graphics.

There are nearly 3 years of work ahead of us. With this highly motivated and closely collaborating team, we will, together with our corporate partners, working towards easy-to-use and cost-effective surgical training products and devices. We are confident to accomplish the project’s major goal with fun – the data-driven transformation of surgical education for proficiency-based performance.

We will keep you updated on this channel. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact


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