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  • Stephan Bischofberger, Visceral Surgeon at Kantonsspital St.

PROFICIENCY at Davos Course

The surgical PROFICIENCY project present at the 40th Gastrointestinal Surgery Workshop in Davos 2023

Due to the close link between the PROFICIENCY project and the Davos Course, the PROFICIENCY team will again conduct scientific projects in Davos. Here, more than 300 participants from 20 different countries will train on various modules offered between April 15th and 20th, 2023 at the 40th international Gastrointestinal Surgery Workshop. The Davos Course is one of the largest surgical skills training courses worldwide. The combination of on-site virtual reality simulators, surgical robots and box trainers with new prototypes to measure learning progress and performance levels allows us to collect data on a large scale. More information will follow after the course with presentation of the first data....

Residents working with the box trainer prototype.


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