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Study hard or gaming: What is your preference?

Users with a higher education level were found to achieve better learning outcomes (Lister, 2015Kim and Castelli, 2021). 

Good news, right? 

Gamification is a cool learning method. It leverages the inherent appeal of games, which captures attention, elevates engagement and creates a platform for sustained interest. In the realm of PROFICIENCY, the gamification approach is seamlessly integrated into the

surgical training program. 


By delving into intrinsic motivation through rewards, recognition, and a sense of accomplishment, gamification propels learners to actively participate and conquer even the most challenging tasks, fostering a pursuit of mastery.  


The dynamic interplay of competition and collaboration not only cultivates a sense of challenge and teamwork but also injects enjoyment into the learning process, thereby alleviating the stress associated with conventional teaching methods.  


Immediate feedback within gamification serves as a powerful tool, enabling learners to comprehend their mistakes, develop problem-solving skills, refine critical thinking, and decision-making, as well as strategic planning—all with the aim of achieving success, which might provide an extra kick, right? 


Additionally, visual representation of progress motivates learners and provides a clear roadmap for advancement and can simulate real-world scenarios. In PROFICIENCY, both the learning management system (LMS) and the simulators are customized and seamlessly connected.  

Learning situation of a trainee, visualised on the LMS at Kantonsspital St.Gallen (KSSG)

VirtaMed high-end simulator: Snapshot of a simulated surgery as a real-world scenario.

Recognizing the diversity of individual talents, gamification accommodates this variability by offering tailored difficulty levels, challenges, and content. Whether it's navigating simple sewing or knotting tasks in a 3D environment displayed on a 2D monitor or undertaking complex procedures like a Cholecystectomy, gamification ensures a personalized learning experience. 


Ultimately, gamification transforms the educational journey into a dynamic and enjoyable expedition, rendering educational content more accessible and memorable. What else? 


Study hard or gaming: What is your preference? 


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