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Angie threats the needle

A paradigm shift in surgical training is going on 

St.Gallen Cantonal Hospital - KSSG - Operating Room 3: Angie seizes her first chance to practice threading in a patient's abdomen, transitioning from her 23-year role as a technical operations assistant to pursue additional training. 


Watch the video below

As I gaze at the monitor, tension fills the air. Can Angie navigate the curved needle through the loop without succumbing to the strain of the task? 

Guiding her, Bruno Schmied, the head surgeon, demonstrates the correct positioning of the laparoscopic instruments, enabling Angie to skillfully "sink" the needle into the loop. My instinct is to lend a hand, but the constraints of the instruments within the patient's abdomen render this impossible. It feels akin to navigating a car in reverse, relying solely on the rearview mirror for orientation. 


How frequently will Angie have opportunities to hone this skill on real patients before achieving mastery? 


Recognizing the value of simulation, she heads to the KSSG Training Center in Eastern Switzerland (OSTZ). Here, Angie can refine not only this specific exercise but also countless others on diverse simulation devices until the process becomes second nature. 


In partnership with KSSG surgeons, Area9 and PROFICIENCY, at the OSTZ the learning platform is customized to cater specifically to general surgery and other surgical treatments. This specialized learning platform is grounded in the adaptive learning and deliberate practice approach, providing a personalized learning journey. It stands as a crucial building block in addressing the challenges of modern surgery. It is about to be connected to the different simulation devices. Angie will use it to refine here exercises.  


Returning to the office, I am profoundly impressed by the precision demanded in this minimally invasive procedure. It involves mastering the entirety of the hernia intervention, intricately understanding the anatomy to navigate the desired cutting and sewing locations, and honing the skills of cutting and sewing with utmost precision. 


Our project PROFICIENCY is undeniably on the right track—yes, we are! 

Stay curious – follow #SurgicalProficiency. 


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